Congratulations! In the academic year of 2022, the enrollment rate of CYCU Applied Mathematics Department is the highest among departments of applied mathematics (including departments of mathematics) of all private universities nationwide!
Special Award of the 2nd Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Creativity Competition
Special Award of the 3rd Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Creativity Competition
2021 Experience Camp for High School Students
Graduation Ceremony of the Academic Year of 2021
Publication of Industry-University Achievements with Allianz Life Insurance Company
Industry-University Cooperation of Allianz Life Insurance Company and CYCU Applied Math
Industry-University Cooperation Achievements with Hotai Insurance Company
Corporate Visit to Allin Technology CO., LTD

The Department of Applied Mathematics was originally founded in 1962, by the name of Department of Mathematics, with an undergraduate program leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science. This program provides students with an education in core mathematics, methods of statistics, and an in-depth study of Computer Science. Students can choose to major the three divisions, mathematics, statistics, or computer science, according to their own interests.

In 1985 the Graduate School of Applied Mathematics was established so that the quality of the curriculum could be upgraded. The graduate program leading to the degree of Master of Science covers the development of the ability to do independent research and provides advanced studies in mathematics, statistics, and computer science. A Ph.D. program is later approved by the Ministry of Education in 1995. It not only provides student with solid mathematics related research, but also leads them to the latest technology. In this respect, this program also integrates the strength of both teachers and the students to do research.

With abstract thinking mind, strong computing ability, and step-by-step problem-solving skills, the graduates in our department have an unlimited number of career opportunities. Possible future jobs are mathematicians, research scientists, math teachers, actuaries, operations research analysts, financial engineers, statisticians, computer programmers, software engineers and computer systems analysts.

In 2015, the United Nations promoted the “2030 Sustainable Development Goals” (Sustainable Development Goals, SDGs) and proposed 17 core goals for global governments and enterprises in order to jointly move towards sustainable development.
The possible contributions of our department, regarding SDGs, are described as follows: this department, learning from the big data technique, aims to build a robust mathematical model to detect the environmental pollution, improve the research and development of nanotechnology, and accelerate the production and research of biotechnology. With the analysis of scientific data and the applications of AI technology, we also wish to establish a more effective SOP for solving such routine SDGs problems.

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