Department Highlights

The Department of Applied Mathematics of Chung Yuan Christian University is distinct from most of the traditional applied mathematics departments. In addition to the development of mathematical theory, we also focus on applying mathematical knowledge to data science, artificial intelligence, financial mathematics, bioinformatics and medical statistics. In order to strengthen students′ practical ability, which is one of the main goals of our department, we start with the following points:

  1. We encourage teachers and students to actively participate in the practical competitions. In the past, the teachers and students from our department participated in various competitions through practice, and have won many awards. These awards included five gold medals in the international "TAAI Computer Game Competition", one gold medal in "Artificial Intelligence Application", a silver medal in "Computer Olympiad" and first place in the "Golden Elephant Cup Big Data" competition.
  2. To develop intelligent computing, an "Intelligent Computing and Big Data" research laboratory has been set up recently. We spent millions to add some high-speed computing equipment to this laboratory for all teachers and students in the department to carry out subjects in intelligent computing.
  3. We subdivide the department into three programs: Mathematics and Scientific Computing Program, Statistics and Big Data Program, and Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Program. This is to integrate inter-disciplinary learning and make innovative implementation more effective.

In the future, the department will be mainly devoted to the study of big data analysis, artificial intelligence, biostatistics, cross-field integrated quantum computing, and other intelligent computing related fields.

Below we list some advantages of our department compared to applied mathematics departments or mathematics departments of other general private universities.
  • We have the best student level among all private universities.
  • The average score of the entrance exam received by our admitted students is higher than that of other well-established private universities. In addition to that, our department also emphasizes on the adaptive development of students. In their sophomore year, students can choose the program that they are interested in to get more disciplined.

  • The employment rate of our graduates is very high.
  • There were lots of alumni who received their job offers right after graduation. Employment rate has been as high as 95%. There are around 60% of the graduates who get salary concentrated between 32,000-60,000 NTD (1000-2000 USD) per month. Most of them are high school teachers, Insurance company managers, and IT technicians/engineers. Some of them get very high salary from well-known companies, such as TSMC, ASE group etc. Since the establishment of the department, there have been more than 50 alumni staying in academia, who have held or are holding a teaching position at local or overseas universities.

  • We focus on the combination of mathematics application and information technology.
  • Since 2013, our department has been committed to implementing the combination of mathematics application and information technology, including computer games with AI, big data analysis, biostatistics, and so on. Students from three programs usually get disciplined across different areas. For example, students from Mathematics and Scientific Computing Program can go across to study biostatistics; students from Statistics and Big Data Program are learning AI, and students from Computer Science and AI Program are using skills of big data analysis. Based on fundamental mathematics, the interactive application and combination between programs become more solid. Such performances from students are shown in their topical reports and master′s theses. Another example of implementation is the department′s webpage. This webpage was completely created by our students. "Make your own webpages" is an important theme of advanced programming design.

  • The department is well-equipped.
  • In the department, several well-equipped spaces are designed to make study and research more comfortable and effective:

  • There is an independent library with study rooms for study and discussion.
  • The computer lab and the "Intelligent Computing and Big Data" research laboratory are to provide students with practice on the courses and assignments. We′ve spent millions of dollars to add high-speed computers and servers to the latter, which is also to combine with the university′s project for intelligent computing development.
  • There is also a "Flipping and Thinking and Solution Classroom" to provide students and teachers with problem-oriented, flipped thinking and cross-area innovative research.

  • The teaching quality has been excellent.
  • Many professors in the department have won the university′s outstanding teaching awards. Inheriting the spirit of Christianity of Chung Yuan Christian University, all professors are being careful and patient in teaching students. Every professor has at least 3 hours of office hours to answer questions for students. Besides, there is a Calculus tutoring room held by graduate students, to assist students who are taking Calculus classes.

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