This department was established in September 1962 with the aim of cultivating students′ basic concepts of mathematics for advanced theoretical exploration and to cultivate excellent mathematical talent to increase the country′s practical science talent. In 1985, the Department of Applied Mathematics was established to deepen mathematical research and cultivate mathematical and practical science talents. In 1995, it was renamed the Department of Mathematics with the establishment of a doctoral program to enable students to enter the realm of advanced mathematical research. Since the 91 academic year, the department has been renamed the Department (Institute) of Applied Mathematics, with undergraduate programs divided into Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science programs, and the graduate program divided into three groups: Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science, with the Mathematics group mainly focused on mathematics and applied mathematics, the Statistics group mainly focused on statistical theory and application, and the Computer Science group mainly focused on information theory and application. In 2006, the on-the-job master′s program was established, divided into the Mathematics group, Actuarial and Finance group.

Since 2013, the Department has responded to international changes and national science and technology policy strategies, reformed the mathematics curriculum, and added courses in artificial intelligence and big data science. Based on mathematics, the Department has developed cross-disciplinary research in artificial intelligence and scientific data analysis, biotechnology, finance and actuarial science, and other fields. In 2022, the Department will restructure its three program groups into "Mathematics and Scientific Computing Program", "Statistics and Big Data Program", and "Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Program". The Department will actively develop smart computing and assist in the school′s quantum computing research.

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